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29 Jun 2009 18:10 patnee

it's realy nice, I use it on several projects and also have written a javascript to use metars in a widget, but for another project I will need forecasts, now I'm spidering the forecasts, but do you have any intention integrating forecast into it? Thanks!

09 Oct 2000 21:30 bertd

"empirical" units ??
I believe the correct term is "imperial" units.

08 Sep 2000 16:23 martingimpster

RE: Nice job!
If you just want part of the report, then just find the part of the pretty_print_metar() function you need, and use that. All the data that are pretty-printed are available to you as individual variables, eg $temp_c, $wind_dir_eng etc.

03 Sep 2000 23:33 joesottnik

Nice job!
Nice job interpreting metars to display weather. Are you thinking about adding functions to display individual readings so a developer can pick and choose which readings he or she wants to display. I am using your routines on my web page to display readings for three airports near my home.


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