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PhpW2ML is a W2ML (Web 2 Markup Language) processor written in PHP 5. W2ML extends XHTML with markup for context-sensitive, WYSIWYG, online editing of Web pages. The phpW2ML processor is distributed with a JavaScript editor, and with W2ML files demonstrating W2ML applications.


Recent releases

  •  08 Dec 2008 15:04

    Release Notes: This release adds support for markup of users and groups. It is now possible to restrict read or write access on an element basis for visitors or groups of visitors.

    •  04 Dec 2008 08:38

      Release Notes: The outclude and backclude W2ML elements are now supported. The exe scheme is now supported: it allows inclusion of data produced by executables. Two bugs were fixed, and the code for document classes was refactorized to be more modular.

      •  24 Nov 2008 07:00

        Release Notes: Support for inclusion of W2ML and text/plain data was added. Site, file, and http URIs are supported. The base attribute is supported to resolve partial URIs. The "parent uri" internal variable is supported.

        •  07 Nov 2008 05:02

          Release Notes: To avoid conflicts, W2ML files are locked during processing. More XML errors are fatal, notably undeclared namespaces and entities, and libxml2 messages are now logged. The HTTP HEAD method is now supported. Support for markup access control based on request parameters has been added (a W2ML attribute with req, internal, match, and nmatch attributes). New internal variables for request variables have been added. Visitors are now logged as default W2ML users, but markup users and groups are not yet implemented.

          •  14 Oct 2008 17:20

            Release Notes: W2ML markup support for self-modification is complete: once, next, del, undo, and res elements are supported, and once and next attributes are supported. In addition, the log attribute and null output are supported. Bitmapped fonts stored as PNG files have been recompressed with pngcrush.


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