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PHPulse is a highly scalable MVC framework for PHP. It is extremely lightweight and fast, with a modular development environment that allows functionality to be added quickly and easily with a built in templating engine.

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Recent releases

  •  08 Jul 2009 04:39

    Release Notes: Major changes were made to the structure, making project development easier, faster, and more modular. A CLI preloader for projects was also added, so new project environments can be instantly created and later modified.

    •  22 Mar 2009 20:08

      Release Notes: Additional SQL errors were corrected. The entire database was reloaded from scratch for testing. No additional errors were seen. The environment should now be working properly. If you have been having problems up until now, you can just reload the SQL from version 3.2.102 into your version and this should correct any issues you are having.

      •  22 Mar 2009 02:45

        Release Notes: An major error in the SQL for the database that was causing framework not to load was fixed. This problem can be worked around without upgrading if you remove all UNSIGNED statements from the SQL.

        •  12 Feb 2009 17:34

          Release Notes: Documentation update. The code is compliant with PHPDocs. See documentation examples at the Web site.

          •  13 Jan 2009 11:12

            Release Notes: Issues with log reporting were fixed.

            Recent comments

            22 Mar 2009 02:42 geezo

            Fixed major issue with SQL causing framework database not to load. Please download latest version (3.2.101) to fix this issue. Else removed all UNSIGNED statements from SQL will work equally well.

            25 Nov 2008 23:48 geezo

            Separated Codelines
            As you may notice, the codelines are now separate. So now the base framework is separate from the sample project provided with the project. You can download them separately or together. Also, we have the code being maintained in subversion on Sourceforge so you can get the up to minute changes.

            15 Sep 2008 01:34 geezo

            Updated Documentation
            Do to the amount of updates in recent weeks and renewed interest in the project, the documentation is being updated and moved to the Sourceforge WIKI. We will be updating all documentation and getting it online in the next week. Please visit it at

            05 Sep 2008 18:53 geezo

            PHPulse 3.1.2
            Notices some errors in my attempt to rush the last version out and have got them fixed and am in the process of testing the fixes. Will have them up on Sourceforge within the next 24 hrs.

            17 Apr 2007 04:59 geezo

            New Release 1.0.2 - Bug Fixes
            Some people were experiencing issues with install as a result of some no longer used functions being left in one of the default views. This has been removed. Also, the sql for the install was installing some areas that were not used and these were removed as well.

            Aside from that, the administrative interface was vastly improved and have bug fixes made on it.

            Also added a news section with administrative functionality so that the framework now has a fully functioning CMS built-in to demo its functionality.


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