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phpScribe generates documentation files for projects by parsing the comment lines inserted in the source code. The comments must be written in the code in a way they can be later interpreted by the parser. Therefore, there is a pattern that may be respected by the developers who want to use phpScribe features.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Dec 2003 04:34

    Release Notes: Bugfixes were made in the projects page, examples page, and setup page. Call-time pass-by-reference was removed from all the scripts. Slashes were stripped from super globals. adodb was upgraded to version 4.04.

    •  30 Sep 2003 04:31

      Release Notes: A "submit bug" link was added in the docs footer. The left frame was rearranged and now displays all files and all unclassified classes and packages. The project tree and index were reviewed. Full support was added for the return datatype in functions and methods. Links are made to other classes when they are found in datatypes. Support for packages in classes was added. Support was added for the @version tag in methods and functions, the @since tag in classes, the @static tag in classes and methods, and property values. Support for a parameter taken by reference or reference return ("keyword &") was added.

      •  03 Jul 2003 06:52

        Release Notes: In this version, the function/method prototypes are now generated with parameter default values. In the HTML documentation, the project index is now split by the first letter of object. Bug #754135 was corrected.

        •  10 Apr 2003 02:17

          Release Notes: The file parser was rewritten, including new features such as full support for constants, default values for function parameters, new tags (@since and @deprecated) in methods and functions, and support for multiple @note tags in classes, methods, and functions. Some bugs were fixed in the document generation module. The database access module ADODb was updated to the latest version (3.40).

          •  20 Mar 2003 07:51

            Release Notes: Bugs with handling invalid lines, incomplete comment lines, and tabbing indented source code was fixed. Minor corrections were made to credits.php.

            Recent comments

            26 Mar 2004 01:55 saskovic

            phpScribe handy documentation tool
            Very handy documentation tool.

            We've tried a variety of documentation tools for php, but this one is the most satisfying yet.

            Thing(s) missing for me:

            - documentation of 'normal' scripts (for example config files (containing constants) or include files (containing multiple includes)

            Great work from the programmer(s)!


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