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phpSchedule'Em is a Web application to streamline employee scheduling for small businesses. Permissions can be customized for each employee and group. Employees can be imported en masse. The fields for describing entities are highly customizable. Custom schedule templates can be created for generating default schedules. Schedules can be set as viewable or not. Employees may be assigned to different departments for different days. PDF documents may be generated from both the schedules and daily assignments. Email notifications can be sent when schedules or assignments are updated or added.

Recent releases

  •  25 Dec 2008 03:09

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  29 Nov 2008 00:25

      Release Notes: This release fixes two major bugs that prevented a newly created user from logging in for the first time, and prevented a user from showing up in a schedule at all if they were not scheduled for the schedule's time period. It comes with the option of selecting between two GUIs. There were a few other minor bugfixes.

      •  06 Nov 2008 07:52

        Release Notes: Some minor bugs were corrected. A new permission was added for a user to be able to edit assignments for individuals on unpublished schedules as a temporary solution to users setting their own availability.

        •  29 Oct 2008 05:25

          Release Notes: This version fixes a number of major installation issues with 1.0beta4, along with a few minor bugs.

          •  24 Oct 2008 04:27

            Release Notes: This release revamps configuration file utilization due to issues with old config class. It adds a feature to customize the user description such as "employee," "volunteer," etc. It adds a feature to have public sections of applications. It adds a feature to force a schedule to be emailed as a PDF to a selected group. It adds a feature for a user with add/edit user permissions to be able to reset a user's password.


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