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phpRemoteShell is an all-in-one Web application to manage servers remotely. It contains a full-featured file manager, the ability to execute shell commands or code written for PHP, SQL, or LDAP, a crontab manager, and a zombie manager. It can also host itself into existing files and auto-deploy during their execution. In case it has been previously encrypted, it is able to self-decrypt on the fly.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Dec 2008 21:09

    Release Notes: PostgreSQL support (SQL shell, databases/tables dump) was added. LDAP support (LDAP shell, LDIF support, DNs dump) was added. MySQL support (SQL shell, databases/tables dump) was added. Problems with "direct download feature" were fixed. Display enhancements were made. The code was cleaned up. The documentation was updated.

    •  28 Nov 2008 00:00

      Release Notes: Now PRS can be downloaded directly by passing the "prsds=" URL parameter when calling it. Note that this feature will not work if you previously defined authentication to true, or if you have encrypted it. Many problems with PRS remote inclusion have been fixed. Now it can easily be included remotely by exploiting require*/include* calls. A script has been added to strip PRS from comments and useless spaces. This script is automatically used before PRS encryption. Some new displayed information: client IP, vhost IP, and remote routing table.

      •  10 Jun 2008 09:22

        Release Notes: It is now possible to send custom JavaScript to zombies. Some Ajax enhancements were made. A problem with file path construction was fixed. In the file browser, some problems with IE6 were fixed. The remote shell now has a command reset button and a history reset button. A PHP error console was added. All files and directories are now created 0666 and 0777 when the server allow it. An alert message is now displayed to the user when PRS can not remove itself from the server.

        •  28 Mar 2008 11:11

          Release Notes: A problem with some particular servers and tmpdir detection was fixed. Some servers allow directory creation, but not directory deletion. Zombie management should now work on these servers too. A logic error which could prevent PRS from detecting the correct storage mode was fixed. A problem with rights detection was fixed. A problem with executable method detection was fixed.

          •  23 Dec 2007 00:32

            Release Notes: Some issues with zombies with IE were fixed. A hidden iframe is used to spy on user navigation. This feature does not work yet with IE, so it can be enabled or disabled using the ZOMBIE_USE_HIDDEN_IFRAME constant. Display options were added to the file browser to filter hidden files, directories, symlinks, or files. Colors and sorting were enhanced in the file browser.


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