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26 May 2004 11:15 SirOliver

Hello, im posting a little in vain since i was actualy looking for a project to help upon and not to use, i found the description of this one very nice however, i would guess that for logical and understandable reasons, there is no website nor demo, orr! whats happening?

I cannot offer hosting, but maybe.. i can give you a few contacts... come and see me in #bes-mcmf or #linuxcult on freenode.

07 Feb 2001 10:29 afriq

PHP(Reactor) is great - try it out!
We've been looking for a good CMS or Portal system to use for some of our sites. Well, the search is over!

There are some great systems out there (PHPNuke, ARSDigita, Typo3 and others), but in the end the well-thought out design and flexibility of PHP(Reactor) won us over. It offers polls, articles, links, forums and cms utilities - all we need, in one integrated package.

Best of all, it runs like a charm on shared hosting servers.

Well done, guys! With some good development support this can grow into one of the best systems out there ...


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