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php(Reactor) is a set of Web applications which are designed to maximize user interaction. The core is a BBS/forum which supports flat, threaded, and ranked views. An articles board allows users to submit and comment on articles, and a content management system (cms) enables easy online maintenance of your pages. Other applications include e-cards, polls, and a complete admin suite. Users can create forums, create polls, and become moderators within the framework of the applications. php(Reactor) includes multilingual support and is template-based.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Jun 2002 04:17

    Release Notes: This release includes a fix for security issues in 1.2.7. Another issue was brought to our attention and fixed. Code was also added to close potential XSS attacks.

    •  28 Feb 2001 23:02

      Release Notes: New Spanish (ews) and Indonesian configurations, a restructured file manager, fixes for treatment of ampersands in textareas sitewide and the cms/ newline bug, documentation for installation on shared servers, a fix for the number of comments stated in articles/, and bundling of phpMyAdmin as a utility for site administration. As of this release the 1.2 branch of phpreactor is frozen except for bugfixes. All new development will move to the 2.0 branch.

      •  06 Feb 2001 21:12

        Release Notes: Fixes for a few minor bugs, changes to the documentation, and inclusion of some example templates.

        •  20 Jan 2001 15:20

          Release Notes: This release improve the ranking system by reflecting rank actions to user comment totals, incorporates a threshold variable to hide comments below a certain rank, adds more information to new articles notification email, fixes a bug which allowed the search function to see forums and posts which had been shutdown/deleted, and fixes the start=last bug in forums.

          •  18 Jan 2001 20:47

            Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in the way that the articles board created comments for previously submitted articles. The bug may enable exploits of the database server. Upgrading is recommended.

            Recent comments

            26 May 2004 11:15 SirOliver

            Hello, im posting a little in vain since i was actualy looking for a project to help upon and not to use, i found the description of this one very nice however, i would guess that for logical and understandable reasons, there is no website nor demo, orr! whats happening?

            I cannot offer hosting, but maybe.. i can give you a few contacts... come and see me in #bes-mcmf or #linuxcult on freenode.

            07 Feb 2001 10:29 afriq

            PHP(Reactor) is great - try it out!
            We've been looking for a good CMS or Portal system to use for some of our sites. Well, the search is over!

            There are some great systems out there (PHPNuke, ARSDigita, Typo3 and others), but in the end the well-thought out design and flexibility of PHP(Reactor) won us over. It offers polls, articles, links, forums and cms utilities - all we need, in one integrated package.

            Best of all, it runs like a charm on shared hosting servers.

            Well done, guys! With some good development support this can grow into one of the best systems out there ...


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