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PhpPeanuts is a framework for developing database-backed applications in PHP. Rather than building an application from the bottom up, you initially only build domain model classes in which you specify properties, relationships, and database table names in metadata. The framework dynamically scaffolds getters and setters, persistency, navigation over relations, and input and delete validation. The abstract user interface instantly offers a rich set of pages for searching, browsing, drilling down, editing and reporting over your domain model. From there on you extend and refine both the domain model and the user interface to make it what you want by defining specialization classes and overriding inherited methods.

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Recent releases

  •  24 May 2013 09:59

    Release Notes: For improved security, the Synchronizer Token Pattern is now followed for referrer tokens in all URLs, ActionTickets now use hashed random tokens with timeout, only parameterized SQL queries are used (may be emulated), Parameterized queries are emulated for the old MySql driver, and PntValidationExceptions are thrown on invalid request data which should never be produced by applications.

    •  11 Jan 2013 11:56

      Release Notes: For improved security, the complete code of the abstact user interfaces has been reviewed and improved to protect against cross site scripting. All request variables including cookies and server variables are now validated, character sets are specified explicitly, string conversion no longer propagates erroneous values, the X-Frame-Options header is supported, and Ajax requests are limited to the host the page originates from. Other improvements are a domain specific language style API for navigational queries, and easier Ajax requests to parts, subparts, and widgets.

      •  11 Jul 2011 08:28

        Release Notes: This version was fully adapted to PHP 5. Specifically, ESTRICT standards are followed, variable references are no longer used to pass objects, and exceptions are used and handled. Flexibility was increased, with more seperate parts, paths for editing, a widget factory, and general functions override. Recusive object copying and menu highlighting were added.

        •  01 Nov 2010 21:32

          Release Notes: Adapted to PHP 5.3. Subdirectories with classes can now be placed on arbitrary locations. The selection report page now shows the number of unique values for columns with non-numeric values. Some minor bugs were solved.

          •  29 Sep 2008 09:54

            Release Notes: A database column mapping specification was added for use with existing databases. AJAX support, a user authorization API on the application and type levels, cross site scripting and request forgery prevention, and a database abstraction with direct support for MySQL and SQLite 2 and support for other databases through a PDO interface (PHP5 only) were added. The CRUD actions now use database transactions and they support cascaded deletion and protection against deletion if dependents exist. A user administration and authentication plugin is now avaliable separately.


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