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12 Feb 2005 10:26 dbindel

Re: Enough Already

I agree with you completely that there are far too many PHP gallery systems that do nearly the same thing. However, PHPoto is differentiated from these in that it is completely and positively writtten with standards-compliance in mind. All markup and styling is validated XHTML and CSS, and is semantically correct as well. Additionally, the PHP coding style is far superior to others' because it is well-documented, clean, and strictly organized.

I know there are a few other standards-compliant gallery scripts available, but they are ultimately simple and have no intentions of being as comprehensive and feature-rich as PHPoto is (much less where PHPoto is heading!) Because of this, I decided to start this new project nearly a year and a half ago, and it is coming along quite nicely. I invite you to take a look at the demo.

Now that PHPoto is becoming one of the more mature gallery systems, I invite people to take your advice and start submitting patches and such to assist in development.
Thank you for the helpful comment,

David Bindel

Developer of PHPoto

04 May 2004 11:39 markthomas

Enough Already
I ask that people, please, from this point forward, do not write any more PHP photo galleries. Instead, spend your time adding cool features to others. You have tons to choose from. Certainly PHP can't be so bad that its easier to write one from scratch than add to someone else's, is it?


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