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Php Object Generator

PHP Object Generator (POG) is a PHP code generator which generates clean and tested object oriented code for your PHP4/PHP5 application. It is meant to eliminate the time a PHP programmer often wastes on repetitive coding of the database access layer of an application simply because different applications require different objects. By generating PHP objects with integrated CRUD methods, POG saves you from writing and testing SQL queries.


Recent releases

  •  26 Jul 2007 16:30

    Release Notes: POG now fetches result set arrays where possible (which provides a big performance boost). Data encoding is handled within the database. A new plugin interface is used. A data encoding sanity check was added to setup. Siblings can be deleted without deleting children. Getlist() accepts column names as filters. Getlist(), GetChild(), and GetSibling() return all results if no arguments are passed. A database wrapper class for PDO was added. The PDO performance was improved. The plugin API, POG base API, and database API were made uniform to prevent plugin versioning.

    •  02 Jan 2007 10:12

      Release Notes: Major object relation bugs were fixed. Unit tests were improved and are now included in the source code release.

      •  26 Nov 2006 09:36

        Release Notes: Support for databases other than MySQL was dropped. Parent-Child (1-many, many-1) relations were improved. A Sibling (many-many) relations model was implemented in Generator as well as Setup. Table structures are now optimized (using NOT NULLS and Indexes). A new crud method, DeleteList, was added. All %List CRUD methods are able to generate Disjunctive Normal Form (DNF) queries. Setup options were improved. All reported/known bugs up to this date were fixed. Some issues (with AJAX) reported with Setup and IE7 were fixed. The Regenerate object URL is now configurable. The documentation was updated.

        •  03 Aug 2006 07:32

          Release Notes: Setup now performs its job more thoroughly, tests connected objects, and is more stable and verbose when something goes wrong. Setup also performs automatic table alignment when the user modifies and regenerates objects. Relation bugs were fixed. The database connection class was improved to at least escape strings when db_encoding is disabled. A POG-updates bug was fixed on the server side. Setup can now be password protected. All Parent objects now also have a Set<Child>List function in addition to the Get<Child>List.

          •  30 Apr 2006 07:33

            Release Notes: The main new feature is the introduction of functionality to mass update all objects to the latest POG version. A few other minor improvements were made. The PHP version was added to @version in the phpdoc header. The POG version and PHP version were added to the database class. Some minimal input checking, a favicon, a geourl, and a link to the pog documentation in the pog setup were added. The explanation text in pog setup was improved. Some hooks related to SOAP and zip file were added.


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