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15 Jan 2006 04:24 DNSpyder

Re: need translators !
Hello! What about translating the project into german language?

If you are interested in having a new translator (english -> german) please mail me Info (at) FiSi2003 (dot) net

01 Sep 2004 09:12 phearlez

Re: English translation available !



> copy it in your /langs/ directory

In my installation that had to be renamed to en-utf-8.php for it to work.

30 Aug 2004 14:42 phpmyvisites

English translation available !

This has to be corrected (please send your corrections to :

copy it in your /langs/ directory and visit administration > gestion des langues

In your phpmyvisites :)

Good luck

23 Jun 2004 01:55 phpmyvisites

need translators !

phpMyVisites needs translators. English version will be available very soon and you'll be able to translate it in your own langage from french or english.

Please contact Matthieu Aubry ( if you are interested.

Thank you very much,



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