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phpMyEdit generates PHP code for displaying/editing MySQL tables in HTML. All you need to do is to write a simple calling program (a utility to do this is included). It includes a huge set of table manipulation functions (record adition, change, view, copy, and remove), table sorting, filtering, table lookups, and more.

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Recent releases

  •  16 Sep 2007 15:01

    Release Notes: Some show-stopper bugs have been fixed. Language files have been reorganized, and support for the UTF-8 charset has been added.

    •  03 Sep 2007 00:08

      Release Notes: Several tiny bugs have been fixed. The ability to use reserved words as column names has been added. Some new language files have been added.

      •  17 Sep 2006 04:02

        Release Notes: Support for checkboxes and radio buttons was added. A PHP evaluation feature was added to the certain cells processing. The setup script prints version info into the generated file. Icons were changed to nicer ones, and alternate icons were added. Many minor bugs were fixed, and some new language files were added to the distribution.

        •  23 Jan 2006 21:02

          Release Notes: This release implements custom buttons and multiple triggers, fixes table JOINs, adds better handling of TABs, adds new prefix variables for better customization, makes internal performance improvements, fixes bugs, adds several new translations and updates, and enriches the documentation with a Hints and Tips section.

          •  19 Feb 2004 19:00

            Release Notes: Several minor bugs were fixed. A few new options were added. Major features include tabs support, the ability to specify SQL expressions for fields when writing to the database, the ability to define new triggers, and more. All eval() calls were removed due to security and performance reasons. Some code was optimized. Several parts of the documentation were updated. A lot of new language files were added and updated.

            Recent comments

            31 May 2008 19:46 cbl016

            ajax table editor
            I like phpMyEdit but I actually think this mysql ajax table editor is better.

            Its dirt cheap and it has incredible join capabilities.


            23 Oct 2007 11:07 vffzbr

            PME is the best tool to build fast pages over PHP+MySQL. Excellent job.

            04 Jan 2007 10:08 joeljkp

            Very useful
            This little tool isn't much to look at, but it's really very useful. There's a lot of functionality in there, and it feels like the author anticipated most of my needs. Great job!

            14 Sep 2006 16:13 dogex

            Great Tool!
            about a couple of weeks i'm working about some corporate intranet site... but today i found this smal sweety toy=).

            now since two hours of work project is mostly finished.. just need to polish it.

            PS: it so small and simple, so it very easy to add custom features to prodused code!

            22 Dec 2005 21:29 Dratman

            Excellent code generator!
            I'm very impressed. This small program -- aside from language localization and documentation, it's only two PHP files totalling about 122K -- offers an amazing amount of convenience and functionality. If you work with PHP and databases, this is definitely worth your time to try.


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