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LogAnalyzer is a Web front-end for syslog and other network event data. It provides easy browsing, searching, basic analysis, and some graphics. Data is taken from databases or plain syslog text files, so LogAnalyzer does not require changes to an existing logging infrastructure. Depending on the log data present, it can process syslog messages, Windows event log entries, and some more exotic things. Its troubleshooting support enables users to quickly find solutions to problems seen in the log data. LogAnalyzer was previously called phpLogCon, and has been renamed since v3.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Oct 2013 07:21

    Release Notes: In LogStreamDB Driver, LogStreamPDO Driver, and UserDB, this release adds backticks around tablenames in all SQL statements. For LogStreamPDO Driver, it fixes hardcoded tablenames in the trigger creation statement. It also fixes an LDAP login problem which occurred when special characters like quotes were used in passwords.

    •  16 Aug 2013 13:18

      Release Notes: This release adds a MySQL hint in the install script when enabling User Database System. It uses default header encoding in the GetStringWithHTMLCodes() function, fixing bug #433. It adds a SyslogNG logline parser. A customized template in SyslogNG is needed: template("$FACILITY_NUM $LEVEL_NUM $DATE $FULLHOST $MESSAGE\n").

      •  25 Feb 2013 16:49

        Release Notes: Updated Search documentation, a fix for a bug in the ApplyFilters function which caused most REGEX filters to fail if supported by the LogStream driver, support for dynamic fields in MongoDB LogStream sources, which allows LogAnalyzer to view data written by rsyslog into MongoDB from CEE sources, a fix for incorrect UID calculation in the MongoDB Logstream class, and a fix for an issue with deleting all data in the MongoDB LogStream class.

        •  09 Jan 2013 10:48

          Release Notes: Another DiskAllowed Checked was fixed in the Disk logstream class, which now works as expected. A cross site scripting issue with the viewid parameter in userchange.php was fixed.

          •  19 Dec 2012 12:31

            Release Notes: A cosmetic fix in login.php, fixed static language strings, and a fix for a cross site scripting issue in asktheoracle.php (oracle_query parameter).


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