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PHPLiveX is a lightweight PHP/JavaScript class library and framework that helps you enrich your PHP applications with AJAX. You may call your PHP functions in the same page via JavaScript without reloading the page, submit your forms, and send AJAX requests while passing any type of data. You may also upload files via AJAX with progress bars.

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Recent releases

  •  06 Feb 2010 20:14

    Release Notes: This release brings many new features, bugfixes, and performance and security optimizations. Many changes were done according to the user feedback taken during about 1.5 years since the previous version. The most important features of this release are the AJAX file upload feature and the AJAX history plugin.

    •  05 Oct 2008 19:06

      Release Notes: Now a select box can be used as a "target" DOM element for the response. For example, it may be used when listing towns after a choice of city in drop-down menus. A bug that occurred when using "=" and "%" characters has been fixed. A bug that occurred when AJAXifying more than one class has been fixed. Now the "params" option may be used with the "SubmitForm" method.

      •  05 Aug 2008 12:47

        Release Notes: The ExternalJS property was removed. Instead, the Run method indicates whether the js class file is included. New event handlers were added, including onLoading and onInteraction. New headers and params options were added. A bug that occurred when submitting some form values (radio, checkbox, etc.) was fixed. The argument order was changed in the SubmitForm method. A bug that occurred when using non-Unicode charset encodings (e.g. iso-xxxx-x) was fixed.

        •  06 Jan 2007 21:10

          Release Notes: The release focus of this version is major bug fixes in the JavaScript code and code cleanup. In addition, a new simple property was added. To alert values which PHP functions return, now there is no need to run syncronously. If the "target=alert" parameter is used, the returned value is alerted and this process runs asyncronously. Whoever uses version 2.1 is strongly advised to use this version.

          •  22 Dec 2006 05:29

            Release Notes: The response text of an AJAX request now correctly contains "</phplivex>" text. If the response of an AJAX request contains JavaScript code, the browser now correctly identifies it as JavaScript. The JavaScript code was made object-oriented, and JavaScript bugs were fixed. The HTTP methods ("GET" and "POST") of an AJAX request can be chosen now. Class functions can be exported now. This version of the library needs PHP 5 installed.


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