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09 Apr 2012 15:42 maxwellstephen

phplist is a great way in building your subscribers list. You can even customize the phplist subscribe form and embed them on any of your web pages. You can also use the phplist subscribe form as a pop-up opt-in form. To see demo you may see it here

14 Sep 2005 15:40 Nikko_Fir

Good stuff
This is good! I've just installed it on our band website and it beats the socks off the previous mailing list software I had (newspro). I'm fairly new to the whole PHP lark, but I got it installed with very little trouble - the only problems I had were with multiple passwords and usernames for the databases, directories and access - due to my memory rather than the program! The only thing I'd say initially is that it's tricky to customize the public pages. I want to keep the images and links provided, but I'd like to change the style and colours to fit in with the rest of our site... but I'm still fiddling with this at the moment.

In general, so far it's excellent!



14 Sep 2005 01:54 chronarc

Powerful script
An industrial strength newsletter manager with multiple subscription pages , templates and email formats. Requires some effort to understand all the functionality but definitely worth it. Developer is committed and responsive. A great product!

13 Sep 2005 11:18 Didgini

Great Script!
Its the best program of its kind out there. I use it on two sites with users in the multiple thousands. I am about to install it on a third site. It took me a little while to get to know the script, but now I couldn't imagine using anything else.

Thanks to Michael for putting in the time and hard work to make such a useful and powerful program!


13 Sep 2005 08:07 BeauDesigns

I'm very happy with my PHPlist product!
I've never posted a comment about any of the software I

use, most of which are open-source products. But I want to

thank the developer for PHPlist and tell others to check it

out. It's easy to use and install/upgrade and with the new

click-through features, it's even more powerful. I've used

other newsletter products such as Constant Contact and

IntelliContact and PHPlist is far better in my opinion. I've not

had the high bouncing problems that I had with Constant

Contact or IntelliContact. Thank you for a fine product!

13 Sep 2005 05:42 mikegifford1999

Excellent Work
phpList has been a best of breed eNewsletter application for years. It is an excellent OpenSource tool that continues to evolve and adapt to the needs of its users. The adoption of phpList in applications like Drupal ( ( indicates how much this type of tool is needed by the community. The strength of this application isn't just in its ability to send thousands of emails to your supporters, but also to give them the flexibility in how those users want to receive those newsletters. Being able to send personalized text, html email messages or both to interested parties isn't easy, particularly if you want users to be able to view it in a wide assortment of email cleints.

Keep up the good work Michiel!

13 Sep 2005 04:11 ptytgat

No problems encountered - great software
I didn't encounter any problems installing and configuring the software. Since my provider upgraded the servers, it works even better, sending hundreds of mails with one click.

Thanks for sharing your code with the world!

Pedro Tytgat

12 Sep 2005 20:32 duncant123

Re: Good design yet buggy
I haven't had to patch any bugs in 2.8.12, just configs. You
end up patching things if you want it to work differently but
then you should pass that back so others can benefit.

I have had register globals off and don't see the issues
people are talking about. I suspect its just the getting started
process requires some setup which you should spend some
time on, especially if the end result is emailing lots of
people. Thats not something you want to get wrong. If
people have issues the forums provide a great answer point

cheers duncan

12 Sep 2005 20:21 duncant123

I like it a lot
I use 2.8.12 to send out 10s of thousands of emails each week

to customers and it is very effective. I really appreciate the

effort put in here.

Its been very stable and powerful for me. Well done Michiel!

Cheers Duncan

08 Sep 2005 08:48 stigallbartr

phplist gone down hill
Used this before, had to fix all kinds of stuff to get it to work. Got the newest version this week set it up and its just full of problems, confusing at to what works and does not. Good feature set but bad implementation dont wear yourself out on it.


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