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PHP LDBI is a library to handle local databases. It supports tables, sequences, indices, and searches using wildcards. It's primary goal is to serve as backend for SQL interfaces to local databases. It includes an SQL parser to execute simple SQL statements.

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Recent releases

  •  31 Mar 2005 03:47

    Release Notes: This version was ported to PHP's dba (DataBase Abstraction) API

    •  19 Feb 2003 02:31

      Release Notes: It is now possible to use wildcard searches on un-indexed columns.

      •  28 Dec 2002 14:35

        Release Notes: This release adds a shell script to install LDBI and SQLi, implements a new locking method and locking of the description files, adds a statement to clear the results cache, and fixes some bugs.

        •  16 Dec 2002 22:50

          Release Notes: This release fixes a lot of bugs, and upgrading is recommended. A new query parsing method has been implemented. It's now simpler to add query handlers to the library and the parsing is faster. Support has been added for <, >, <=, and >= operators. Simple caching of the SELECT query results has been implemented.

          •  12 Dec 2002 07:38

            Release Notes: This version adds support for SHOW DATABASES, SHOW TABLES, SHOW INDICES, SHOW SEQUENCES, REPLACE, and USE. It includes bugfixes in WHERE clause parsing, and adds type checking for values in WHERE clauses, and an SQLi interactive shell in the 'examples' directory.

            Recent comments

            13 Dec 2002 08:43 rustino

            No updates for a week
            My phone company announced me that my adsl will be down
            for a week, so will not be any update in this week :(.
            Bu I'll come back with new features and more stable code, i'm
            working on the query parsing to make it more efficient and
            flexible, and to add CREATE FUNCTION to SQLi ;)


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