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18 Nov 2005 10:09 mtutumlu

menu for different user types
I am trying to fit PHP Layers Menu to my web site. I have different user types which are using the site. I want to give different links with some intersects to different user types. If I can process menu.txt file as php file it will be ok. Is there any way to process menu.txt file as php file?

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Good Work..


22 Feb 2004 14:28 brablc

Super companion to SiteBar
We at ( have selected the PHP Layers Menu as an alternative front-end to our bookmark server. It allows the bookmarks stored in SiteBar to be shown anywhere on the page using the look&feel the user prefers.

26 Oct 2002 08:57 jeix

great ... and html
this is really great, i always did not like those javascript menus on websites ... but that was because i could not use it with opera/konquerer or other non-ms-netscape-browsers ;-) ... this one works great with all important browser AND is correct (x)html ... which is so rare ...


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