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phpIP Management is a complete IPv4 IPAM (IP address management) suite, built to handle the complexity of managing today's IP address space. phpIP Management was built to scale and address the full lifecycle of IP address space using techniques that are not administratively intensive.


Recent releases

  •  06 Nov 2006 22:18

    Release Notes: This is a midterm release that does not include support for upgrading releases before this build. This release adds a new display box to display DNS resolution. It also resolves deleting CIDR and Prefix blocks from the database, and enables user set preferences at login.

    •  17 Oct 2006 07:17

      Release Notes: This is a midterm release that does not include support for upgrading releases before this build. It resolved an invalid path in box_CidrMenu.php and added a new feature that resolves IPs to host names.

      •  08 Oct 2006 05:09

        Release Notes: This is a midterm release without support for upgrading releases before this build. This release adds support for prefixes larger than 24 bits. The tree menu was updated to support sync state. cidr_add and prefix_add were rewritten to help speed up the process of adding (/8-/16). The ability to change the display menu based on subset items was added. More in-depth IPAM (IP address management) fields were added to help define the host to IP address. The search field was updated with new IPAM fields.

        •  21 Jun 2006 04:51

          Release Notes: The ability to display subnet summary statistics was added. The ability to define groups and assign CIDR/Prefixes for group management was added. The installation file was rewritten as a step by step process. A compatibility check was added. A new SQL parser is used for database creation.

          •  22 Aug 2005 20:42

            Release Notes: The login process has been rewritten to use local accounts before LDAP accounts. The ability to search IP information has been added. Minor code bugs in LDAP and preference pages have been fixed.

            Recent comments

            11 Oct 2005 16:32 Mufprig

            Pleas fix in files prefix_desc.php


            echo "<FORM action='prefix_desc?mode=update' method='post' name='edit'>";


            echo "<FORM action='prefix_desc.php?mode=update' method='post' name='edit'>";

            and line

            echo "<td class=\"listCell\" width=\"20\"> <a href=\"prefix_desc?mode=edit&di=$row[AddressId]\">[Edit]</a></td>";


            echo "<td class=\"listCell\" width=\"20\"> <a href=\"prefix_desc.php?mode=edit&di=$row[AddressId]\">[Edit]</a></td>";

            Fix to menu error

            Description Update > [edit]

            30 Aug 2005 14:11 gibran27703

            Installation Assistance
            Greeting - I'm having the hardest time getting this script to run. I get it to create all the tables using the default username and password for mysql, I can verify there's an entery for the ipadmin username. But I simply can't login. I get this error message ""Warning...You do not appear to be logged on. This could be due to your session timing out or invalid local username/password. Please use your browser back button and complete the logon form."

            Any help?

            Thanks, Gibran

            09 Jun 2005 12:12 Mufprig

            MAC and Search
            Hi im very content whit SW phpip and please chance in edit IP add MAC address and page search IP or MAC or Client.


            02 Jun 2005 11:05 dksysadmin

            User information cannot be validated.
            Hi mearls,

            After the careful setup of the program (phpip-4.1.1), i tried to logon, but my user information could not be validated. After reading your "login.php" file, it seems that LDAP server is not optional (at least in this version :-) ), since login process hangs during validation process (in line number 59, ($ds = @ldap_connect("$LDAPCONNECT", $LDAPPORT); ). I guess "login.php" file needs to be reviewed.

            Note: In the project web page, LDAP server is not listed as one the dependencies, and as it is meant to be, it should be optional.

            For your information and thank you in advance.

            23 Dec 2002 19:04 mearls

            Re: Couple of question regarding 2.2b
            In the next release 3.0, the register page will no longer be access via the login page.
            All user administration will take place under the admin page.

            The admin page feature:

            User administration

            - Add user

            - Delete user

            - Change user rights

            IP address management

            - Add network address

            - Delete network address

            - Delete address range

            The 3.0 release should be completed before Feb 1st, 2003;
            I am going to upload the beta release in the next few weeks to my site for any to test.




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