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08 May 2005 08:37 specialmonkey

Nice work!
Stefan, I needed a program to keep track of available items for sale - keeping track of which items are available and which are already sold. Your program was the best I could find. It's very good work.

The paging mechanism did not seem to work for me (just stays on the same page) so I increased the limit instead of trying to fix. Also, I wonder is there a way to get rid of the session hash in the URL? It's ugly! I had the occasional error with export to csv, and stats did not seem to work, despite debug off, and stats on (though who needs stats really?), etc.

It would also be nice to bulk import inventory (though the copy function is nice). I had to do this instead with nasty SQL given the related fk joined tables, and their numeric identifiers (which were a little painful for my feeble mind to figure out).

Thanks for the program, with a few refinements, this could be perfect. I hope you or someone will continue. Regards, SM

23 Feb 2002 13:13 jaaf

Please keep up the good work!
Hopefully you'll develop this software until a stable release.


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