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phpHtmlLib is an application development framework for developing OOP style Web applications in PHP. The application framework supports an MVC style architecture and Ajaxable and Cacheable interfaces for developing rich client Web applications. It comtains a set of PHP classes and library functions to help facilitate building, debugging, and rendering of XML, HTML, XHTML, WAP/WML Documents, and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images as well as complex HTML widgets.


Recent releases

  •  18 Mar 2008 18:04

    Release Notes: This release adds a new Logging facility in Log, LogWriter, LogEvent, and LogFormatter. AjaxableHTMLWidget has been updated to automatically support wrapping contents in a containing div and handle AJAX vs. non-AJAX requests. The Controller has been updated to automatically adjust HTTP headers depending on the target. __toString() is added to generated DBDataObjects. Several bugs have been fixed.

    •  12 Oct 2007 18:36

      Release Notes: This is a recommended upgrade to fix some issues that were overlooked in 3.0.0. Some issues with the XMLDocument class and the HTMLDocument's DOCTYPE output were fixed. A few issues with the framework were also fixed, including the phpHtmllibException class and the RequestBuilder class.

      •  28 Sep 2007 10:34

        Release Notes: The phpHtmlLib library was completely rewritten over the last year or so to be a Web application development framework. It features a project generator, an MVC style layered approach to applications that include a business layer, cacheable DataObjects, cacheable database queries, cacheable rendered output of entire pages, and widgets. The new DataList can now be used with AJAX, as can most of the widgets in the framework.

        •  02 Sep 2005 06:23

          Release Notes: Many bugfixes and new features were added, including an ordering capability for the FEComboListBox, new PEARDB_DataObjectDataListSource, FEColorPicker, and several others.

          •  12 May 2005 18:13

            Release Notes: The DataList object has been updated with some new features and bugfixes, and a new ProgressWidget has been added. This release adds FormElement read-only mode and the ErrorBoxWidget, which the Form Engine uses to report all errors. There are many bugfixes.

            Recent comments

            05 Nov 2007 06:18 vintcn

            3.0.1 is awesome!
            I'm impressed with v 3.0.1!

            12 Jun 2005 03:12 dazza67

            Nice work - any more examples?
            Well impressed with polished and well commented code. I've been digging for an age for a simple OO Framework specifically addressing DB <-> Form comms in the PHP arena and yours was a welcome find.

            Any links, suggestions of further examples along this line with your solution would be greatly appreciated!

            Congrats on a slick product =)

            15 Apr 2003 15:18 jimcp

            One Class per File
            Extremely usefull software for me. (I wished all PHP coders just coded one class in one file.) Anyway, the datalist widgets are now better than those in "Web Components". Last time I looked at PhpHtmlLib it was a reason not to start using it. With that widget it will be standard I suppose.

            If I only could combine this approach with a template based approach... My intuition says it can be done. Haven't figured out how though. Your examples are clear enough.

            Thanks for saving me a year of work...

            Jim Cp

            25 Aug 2001 19:21 openface

            useless comment
            nice work Walt, this is very nice. =]

            21 Aug 2001 02:46 hemna

            Re: Some bugs:
            Thanks for the link. I have resolved all of the
            Issues that the w3c validator was complaining
            about. Almost all of which were to do with the
            web site and not with phmHtmlLib itself.
            I'll be posting 1.0.1 with fixes and additions
            later this week.


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