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30 Mar 2012 06:57 qaz002

Really good software. 'Even with little programming background, one can develop professional looking' it's true

27 Feb 2012 22:01 azghanvi

Yeah, but site says ... Features including edit, master detail, grouping, and reference to multiple databases are only available in paid versions.

Sadly, sounds like Edit feature is not allowed. So if someone is looking to play with readonly mode ... lite version may work.

Otherwise ... seems to be a nice alternate.

14 Jan 2012 21:12 KaysonGroup

phpGrid Lite version is totally free.

15 Dec 2011 18:22 azghanvi

Incase, some one is looking for a free alternate ...

11 Dec 2010 15:30 majoi03

hello!...I'm new for creating a datagrid in php..can u plz teach meh how to do it...

04 Jan 2007 11:08 rbdash

Works like a charm
I truly recommend it because it's so easy to use that a newbie programmer like me can come up a datagrid solution in just a few minute. Their site is excellent. The online documentation and examples are also extremely easy to follow. Way to go!

05 Oct 2004 23:15 Thesshell01

phpGrid is easy.
phpgrid was so easy. I easily created an online data management page after went through their examples. No problem. I had to learn a little bit CSS but again their examples are extremely helpful. Worth the price!


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