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20 Aug 2008 23:09 darkeen

PHPGedview Changelog for Aug 20 2008
- Changelog on website is horribly out of date

- No details as to what was fixed

- Phpgedview website contains no reference in links to any update

- No details of if new version is required to be an update or to replace existing systems

- No details of database changes, or if existing databases are required to be wiped (i.e. Is this version for new installs only).

Could the maintainer of this update/version please update the website with the details of the new verison and update the 4.1.5 link on the homepage with a link that actually refers to version 4.1.5 (!).

Thanks guys - otherwsie PhpGedView is fantastic! This is not a troll at the product - it rocks! You just need to be a bit more organised when it comes to releasing updates...


30 May 2007 23:32 lidia77

Looks great
Looks great, going to try it now.

14 Oct 2005 15:12 jeffcovey

Re: Version
So why don't you click the "add release" link?



09 Oct 2005 07:41 emode

The current version of PHPGedView is 3.3.5 from 28 July 2005.


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