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phpDays is a flexible PHP 5 framework for rapid Web site development. It features an MVC architecture, Ajax support, YAML configuration, database abstraction (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, etc.), a good collection of standard models, an excellent quick start guide, and logging to files or firephp.

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Last announcement

New models in Jango style comming soon! 06 Dec 2009 19:42

Hi all! I learn Jango Python framework and find many good ideas. I have implemnt many of this ideas in phpDays - php framework. Now I commit only development code available on: 1) - see how used models. This models automatically generate data storage! 2) - basic model types. This models can be extended in your application I propose you help us speed up implement good ideas in our project. Good days!

Recent releases

  •  06 Dec 2009 19:35

    Release Notes: This release simplifies the creation of new projects based on phpDays. It fixes some bugs.

    •  27 Oct 2009 10:59

      Release Notes: Bugs from phpDays 1.0 final were fixed and new features were added.

      •  27 Oct 2009 10:56

        Release Notes: This first release includes an ORM implementation, logging, stable project structure, and sample applications.

        •  21 Sep 2009 08:54

          Release Notes: Bugs were fixed. ORM support was improved. 1x1, 1xN, and MxN relations were implemented in Days_Db_Table. The info() method in Days_Db_Table was changed to return information about the specified table. Days_Log was improved to add error levels. The configuration parameter "log/level" was added. The "View/block" folder was added into applications for template blocks. The "toArray" method was added to return all data as arrays in Days_Db_Rowset. Many bugs were fixed. Support for AjaxAction and PostAction in controllers was added.

          •  04 Sep 2009 19:40

            Release Notes: This release adds ORM support as Days_Db_Table (Active Record and Date Mapper patterns). It adds an "apps/blog" directory for developing blog applications. The old test application has been moved from "app" to "apps/new". The Zend Framework library has been updated to version 1.9.2. Some bugs have been fixed.


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