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PHP Bookmarks

PHP Bookmarks is a simple, easy to configure PHP/MySQL bookmark system that supports themes.


Recent releases

  •  24 Nov 2005 14:48

    Release Notes: An RSS feed and Firefox live bookmarks support were added.

    •  27 Feb 2005 11:05

      Release Notes: This version adds the ability to hide individual items or items' comments from general view. It also adds better checking on security and various bugfixes.

      •  28 Oct 2004 08:50

        Release Notes: The displayed length of URLs was limited to 70 characters. The add to bookmarks function was updated to give a link to return to page being bookmarked. It is no longer necessary for register globals to be enabled in PHP. Detection for some phone browsers was added and an optimized page is generated for phone use.

        •  18 Sep 2002 09:07

          Release Notes: Fixed a bug where the category selector filtered incorrectly, added an auto installer to automate installation via a Web based form, added the ability for top level categories to be closed, and added a basic search engine.

          •  15 Sep 2002 13:21

            Release Notes: The calls for external variables using $_GET, $_POST, etc. was updated so that the program no longer requires registerglobals to be turned on. A "Quick Link" JavaScript was added. This can be added to your browser tool bar to let you quickly bookmark pages into PHP Bookmarks. A bug was fixed in which category comments were not moved with the category when reordering items.

            Recent comments

            27 Feb 2005 15:16 krux

            Re: Link Search
            I want to put in template support in a future version, and then you can make it look however you want, not just tweak the colors with css.

            01 May 2003 09:53 maierch

            Link Search
            cool programm, but ;-)
            I miss one feature:
            I have lot of links in my list now and have to scroll down a long time to get to the search or admin function. It would be much fast to have a internal link at the top of the page to the search or admin function.
            But I like your software anyway ;-)

            15 Sep 2002 08:52 krux

            Re: Sorting bug.

            > The problem is when you changer order
            > then
            > just only name move up and down.
            > details won't move.

            Cool. Thanks for pointing that out. I just fixed it in the 1.9 release.

            08 May 2002 03:41 tonypai

            Sorting bug.
            There are :
            name details

            yahoo wonderful site. [+|-]
            sina sian has lots pics. [+|-]

            The problem is when you changer order then
            just only name move up and down.
            details won't move.

            When you have a log of list you will be mix then all up.


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