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14 Sep 2003 03:32 Thulemanden

Documentation could be a little better please
During installation of phpaint I discovered I had to create the folder phpaint myself. That's unususal. Should be mentioned.

Also the decompression must take place in the folder phpaint.

I miss suggestions for resolving that the PHP must allow for creation of image files jpg, gif, png etc. The doc just states it has to support it, but no further help to secure this.

This puzzles me: "Then put the Re-usable PHP script in the same directory as your web page."

What defines the 'script'. We just pasted the code into the html-page where the image was supposed to show up. So where's the script-file? There is apparently no script-file to place in the web server folder.

Finally I think the doc sould suggest where to get more True Type Fonts.

With these changes I think users would be much better of to a good start using PHPAINT.



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