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PHP-Nuke is a Web portal and online community system that includes Web-based administration, surveys, access statistics, user customizable boxes, a themes manager for registered users, friendly administration GUI with graphic topic manager, the ability to edit or delete stories, an option to delete comments, a moderation system, referer tracking, integrated banner ad system, search engine, backend/headlines generation (RSS/RDF format), Web directory like Yahoo, events manager, and support for 33 languages and 9 database servers.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Aug 2007 12:31

    Release Notes: Several cosmetic changes were made to the news administration and advertising system. More forum modules were separated from the core system. BBtoNuke version 2.20 was added. A DoS/flood attack protection system was added. The downloads list display in the administration system was changed. The installation system and several security problems and bugs were fixed.

    •  19 Sep 2006 06:36

      Release Notes: This version includes a few cosmetic changes, several bugfixes, and fixes for vulnerabilities as well. The BBtoNuke forum modules have been updated.

      •  15 Sep 2005 08:22

        Release Notes: This release included a new advertising system that supports JavaScript and HTML code, text links, Flash movies, and traditional graphics. Some bugs in the new editor were fixed, BBtoNuke 2.0.15 was included, block system improvements were made, and some minor enhancements were made in the administration panel along with several bugfixes. A separate security fix that should be applied to this version is also available.

        •  03 Jun 2005 07:52

          Release Notes: This release improves the users karma system to have more control over the content, improves the IP ban system, fixes the comments moderation system so that works, adds a very nice WYSIWYG editor, includes cosmetic changes to the administration area, adds several security fixes, adds a graphical security check for the articles rating system, includes BBtoNuke 2.0.14, and features code cleanup along with many cosmetic and little bugfixes.

          •  27 Apr 2005 20:46

            Release Notes: FireFox support has been added for the statistics module. RSS feed support for the FireFox browser's Live Bookmarks has been added. This release is more secure due to the ability to rename your administration main file, custom file management to include your own special functions without modifying the main code, and several security fixes and bugfixes.

            Recent comments

            26 Sep 2004 05:43 arraffaele

            Similar to Webmatic the new WCE
            It's interesting to compare php-nuke to this new Web Content Editor (Webmatic (, I think there is some similar positive aspect in the two PHP and MySQL scripts.

            08 Jun 2003 18:51 mr_skot

            Is there a forum somewhere where I can get help
            I've read the docs and search the web (google is a little to big) and I'm just looking for a forum where I can ask a few simple questions. Can someone throw me a bone? Otherwise - KILLER CMS! I love it!

            15 Feb 2002 10:01 kahe

            If the site is running the new version then the new version is seriously broken. Wait for for a new version to be released or switch to some other system.

            14 Aug 2001 14:33 jcheuvront

            Very Buggy
            Don't get me wrong, I love nuke and have several sites running 5.0.1 but I upgraded to 5.1 and thats when it all fell apart.
            This version is VERY Buggy, to start I have to fix the upgrade script, then the banners file, oh yea the add comment button doesn't work, and the admin/prefrences erases your config when you try to update it.
            This is just what I've come across so far.

            If your going to release a new version please make sure it works.

            17 Apr 2001 15:47 austad

            Re: PHP Nuke
            I used to run PHPNuke 4.3, but due to the author being
            completely unconcerned about security, and MANY exploits
            available for it, I stopped using it. Unless these problems are
            fixed in 5.0, which I doubt they are, I would advise anyone
            interested in running it to be well versed in PHP and secure
            coding and go through the code with a fine tooth comb. It's a
            good product, but security-wise it's got more holes than a
            dealer in a columbian coke deal gone bad.


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