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PhoNetInfo retrieves detailed phone and network information. It runs on Symbian "Belle", S^3/"Anna", and S60 5th and 3rd edition mobile phones. Information about the following topics can be retrieved: Phone manufacturer and model, firmware version, battery level, WLAN and bluetooth MAC, bluetooth device class, IMSI, IMEI, subscriber ID, charger status, running tasks, active profile settings, network mode, network signal strength and cell ID, network name and ID, network country code and registration status, CPU speed, CPU type and architecture, size of RAM and ROM, time since last reboot, and more. All information can be saved to a file.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 Dec 2013 20:39

    Release Notes: This release implements a human readable time format [d | h | min | s] for the following items of the "General" tab: dialed calls duration (line 1); dialed calls duration (line 2); received calls duration (line 1); and received calls duration (line 2).

    •  12 Dec 2013 18:42

      Release Notes: This release adds some new information items to the "General" tab: call log status; call duration status; dialed calls duration (line 1); dialed calls duration (line 2); received calls duration (line 1); received calls duration (line 2); and number of missed calls. Furthermore, it fixes a minor CPU architecture bug in the "HAL" tab.

      •  28 Nov 2013 10:45

        Release Notes: This release adds the following new items to the "General" tab: SMS Memory Status, Calls Forwarding Status, Security Code Status, Autolock Status, Battery Min./Max., and Voltage.

        •  12 Apr 2013 17:17

          Release Notes: This release contains a new item "Time since last reboot" in the HAL tab. It displays the exact time since the device has been rebooted for the last time (days / hours / minutes / seconds). Furthermore, the item "System tick period" in the HAL tab is now displayed in microseconds.

          •  14 Nov 2012 17:59

            Release Notes: This release adds some additional Nokia phone model IDs to correctly distinguish between ARM11, ARM9, and ARM4 CPUs. Furthermore, the CPU speed description for phone models with fast CPUs was changed from MHz to GHz for better readability.

            Recent comments

            05 May 2012 09:15 makler

            Please correct me if I am wrong, but it is not anymore freeware, since one need to pay for PhoNetInfo on Nokia's shop, around 1 USD. Not much, but anyway - not a freeware software.


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