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Philip's Music Writer is a program for typesetting music. It reads text files as input, and generates PostScript as output. It can also write simple MIDI files for proofhearing purposes. PMW is written in C and is freestanding; that is, it does not require additional processing software. It is a Linux/Unix port of a program that has run for over a decade on Acorn systems, where it was known as Philip's Music Scribe.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Feb 2014 14:37

    Release Notes: Two bugs are fixed: stretching or shearing fonts did not work on 64-bit systems, and under some circumstances a spurious "line too long after macro expansion" error could occur.

    •  04 Dec 2013 18:40

      Release Notes: A multiple rest bar can now be stretched or (slightly) squashed. In text strings, all characters in the Latin-A Extended code page are now accessible.

      •  12 Mar 2013 12:32

        Release Notes: Some infelicities in the code have been tidied up, and two small new facilities are added: old-style multirest bars and the ability to suppress only one of a pair of warning key and time signatures.

        •  07 Jan 2013 16:25

          Release Notes: Two small new features are added: the ability to move tremolo lines vertically, and interpretation of simple tremolos when generating MIDI. One small source infelicity has been tidied up.

          •  23 Mar 2012 17:09

            Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. The bugs that are fixed are relatively minor.

            Recent comments

            30 Jan 2004 17:36 suequntf

            PMW - Philip's Music Writer
            If you looking for a software to let you print sheet-music, try this one! This one is good!

            Notation is simpel like abc but without its limits! pmw give you access to all symbols you could possible need.

            Some things have a little strange default values, but are tunable after a little reading in the manual.

            If you download and install you will have notes on paper within 30 minutes!

            Good luck!


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