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11 May 2003 06:50 lorenzon

version 1.0
Finally i converted all to OO, including database layer (it is now PEAR DB);
Login are now handled by php session built-in functions;
Unluckly demo its not working poperly, probably thats due to some configuration of the clustering that; admin is fixed, but there could be some error on end user site

26 Mar 2003 00:46 lorenzon

ver. 0.99
Im totally rewriting Philer; simply to make it OO; probably its useless but for me its a good exercise;
of course during this "migration" i will add features that come in my mind at the moment

19 Mar 2003 03:05 lorenzon

Ver 0.96
Version 0.96 is almost ready, it will have full template advantage in admin area too;

Lots of people are testing my demo of philer, it will probably be a little messed up since the admin area has no restriction!


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