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Philer Web Document Management provides private file sharing for users and groups of users; it has an integrated admin system to manage users, groups, files, and rules for sharing.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Nov 2003 00:10

    Release Notes: Bugs have been fixed in classes and variable reading (now using globals).

    •  29 Sep 2003 23:50

      Release Notes: This release has virtual folder support, autoicon or a custom icon for files, the ability to recursively read a file tree for sharing, a totally new user interface, and major bugfixes.

      •  10 May 2003 19:12

        Release Notes: This version is mostly rewritten from scratch with OOP in mind. The Object Oriented Database interface has been changed to use Pear DB. Logins are now handled with the PHP builtin session function.

        •  28 Mar 2003 03:17

          Release Notes: This release is more flexible on installation, has a Web-based configuration utility, can be installed in a subdirectory, and doesn't require any hand tweaking of files.

          •  20 Mar 2003 11:44

            Release Notes: This version added an execution time counter for page debugging, a template for the admin area, and a file size header. A problem with HTML cleaning and database commits was fixed, and the routine for pushing files for download was changed.

            Recent comments

            11 May 2003 06:50 lorenzon

            version 1.0
            Finally i converted all to OO, including database layer (it is now PEAR DB);
            Login are now handled by php session built-in functions;
            Unluckly demo its not working poperly, probably thats due to some configuration of the clustering that; admin is fixed, but there could be some error on end user site

            26 Mar 2003 00:46 lorenzon

            ver. 0.99
            Im totally rewriting Philer; simply to make it OO; probably its useless but for me its a good exercise;
            of course during this "migration" i will add features that come in my mind at the moment

            19 Mar 2003 03:05 lorenzon

            Ver 0.96
            Version 0.96 is almost ready, it will have full template advantage in admin area too;

            Lots of people are testing my demo of philer, it will probably be a little messed up since the admin area has no restriction!


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