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12 May 2009 01:51 jeffcovey

jberkus: Are they hurting something?


12 May 2009 00:35 jberkus

Can we please purge the 7-year-old comments?

28 Feb 2009 17:20 simonbertrang

Re: "Object" Relational?

> Why do they call it "Object"
> relational? Where is the
> "object" part?

Because PostgreSQL supports table inheritance.

You might want to look at the corresponding page in the documentation: Data Definition - Inheritance (

13 Dec 2007 05:47 brian54

18 Jul 2003 04:54 salukisaluki

"Object" Relational?
Why do they call it "Object" relational? Where is the "object" part?

08 Feb 2003 15:31 mariuz

Postgresql vs SapDB (aka gpl ADABAS D)
Anyone have a chart with the two ?
Have friend and He wants Oracle but after a talk i have told it
about Postgresql and the sister Firebird but he told me about
SAPdb how close (cloned) it is to oracle (He uses sap the application now ...) .Well i have watched some slashdot threads
and surprise i have found some links about unhappy people
but are removed from yahoo :( ( the 909 message )
By the way love the replication stuff of the postgresql . I will
try to do something like that for firebird :) (gpl-ed)
And i don't know anything about Postgresql Clustering ...yet

30 Oct 2002 22:06 nconway

Re: PostgreSQL is a forkbomb...
This is incorrect, for several reasons. First, this specific example is not a fork bomb example -- if all a stored procedure does execute a query, another connection to the database is not made, and thus another process is not forked. While I suppose you could write a function using C that used libpq to open another DB connection, it would be pointless.

Second (and more importantly), trying to make a database secure if you allow users to execute arbitrary SQL is pointless (for example: disable the GEQO, execute a 20 table join query from 10 concurrent clients, and watch PostgreSQL eat up gigabytes of RAM and many minutes of CPU time). You simply cannot allow untrusted users to execute arbitrary SQL. It's even more dangerous to allow them to define functions; functions defined in C can trivially crash the backend. You might be able to get a modicum of security by using rlimit-style restrictions on the resources that PostgreSQL can use, but that's not a complete solution.

18 Jun 2002 17:48 phoemix

PostgreSQL is a forkbomb...
Try this: create a table, with an AFTER INSERT trigger on it. In the trigger procedure make a query into the database. Now, set postgres into debug level 2 or 3. every time your function runs, it connnects to the database. Postgres handles each connection in a separate process, so a new process is fork()-ed. now insert about 5000 rows into that table. notice the speed.
now install some forkbomb protection into your system(eg grsecurity), and for the test set the limit into a minimal value, 20 forks/second etc. Now insert 5000 rows again. notice the speed. It's a real forkbomb, yes.

Any comments?

04 May 2002 19:41 panserg

project description
I think it would make more sense to explain the difference between PostgreSQL and other databases, like MySQL and Oracle, than between current PostgreSQL and its archaic versions.

Or give the short list of unique features at least: tell about ACID, MVCC, WAL, what makes it work as a high-end database server as well as a backend of web-application servers.

14 Feb 2002 01:39 phoemix

User supporting and Documentation
I've been using PostgreSQL for over 6 month, and I've found it great according to it's knownladge. But every time when I want to do some non-basic things(findig information on built-in functions etc) I have to search 1) the included documentation 2) the web site 3) for information about the topic, but in most cases I am unable to find enough informations, documantation or anything.

PostgreSQL is really great(but sometimes a little slow...), but it would need a better documentation. For example a complette reference for the built-in functions, aggregate functions and for the PgPL/SQL language

The developers also would have to concentrate on the speed of the DBMS, thus storec procedures written in PgPL/SQL are very slow. They are really.

Looking forward for your reply,


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