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pgFouine is a PostgreSQL log analyzer. It allows you to have a clear overview of your database activity, and can generate reports with slowest queries, most frequent queries, errors, graphs, and so on. It is written in PHP and is designed to parse huge log files with a low memory footprint.

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Recent releases

  •  24 Feb 2010 21:25

    Release Notes: This version is mostly a bugfix release, but introduces several new features such as a CSV query report.

    •  26 Apr 2009 18:14

      Release Notes: This version introduces support for the CSV log format, fixes a couples of bugs, and benefits from some usability improvements (normalization of IN() clauses and list and regexp support for the -user and -database options). The GeSHi library has been updated to the latest stable version.

      •  01 Apr 2007 15:24

        Release Notes: This version adds support for prepared statement logging introduced in 8.2, -durationunit and -keepformatting options, and history per Pid report. TheGeSHi library has been updated to the latest stable version. A couple of regexps have been fixed, and error output (exit code and stderr) has been improved.

        •  12 Dec 2006 00:37

          Release Notes: This release fixes a couple of bugs when there are hours with no activity. It has improved error management if the log file is empty or if pgFouine cannot find any valid log lines (mainly by adding suitable exit codes).

          •  28 Oct 2006 14:57

            Release Notes: This release allows the -from and -to options to be used separately. It fixes the RPM spec file, a problem with normalization which caused negative and positive numbers to produce separate groups, a typo which prevented the -from option from working, an error which occurred when pgFouine did not find a query, and detection of malformed log files.


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