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PGDesigner is a simple data modelling tool for PostgreSQL. It currently supports graphically creating tables and columns, drag and drop foreign key creation, loading and saving models to a file, and is able to generate SQL code from your graphical model. It also has a simple query window that allows arbitrary SQL commands to be executed. It is available for Linux and Windows.


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  •  15 Oct 2002 10:18

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    Recent comments

    06 Mar 2003 12:00 hardgeus

    Current Activity
    In case anyone is wondering, I'm planning a full rewrite of pgDesigner in wxWindows. FLTK is just too limited for what I want to do, and its textbox widgets act funky. I should have the wxWindows version on a par with the FLTK version in a week or two. Hopefully :)

    06 Mar 2003 11:58 hardgeus

    Re: Download

    > Where are some tarballs?

    There are some up now.

    14 Feb 2003 06:48 mdorman

    A fairly capable tool
    While not perfect---as the project's web site says, it's still in an alpha state---pgDesigner is a fairly credible tool for doing database design. I intend to use it to replace my current solution of Dia plus a custom XSL stylesheet for converting the diagram to SQL.

    01 Dec 2002 06:47 phoemix

    Where are some tarballs? From home I only can access the web, thought a firewall(web not only means the port 80, but the whole protocol).
    So, what should I do to be able the use it? download the win32 version, install wine, and run that from my linux box? You must be joking.


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