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Perthon converts Python source code to human- readable Perl 5.x source code. It makes use of Damian Conway's Parse::RecDescent for parsing, and aims to reimplement the Python language as specified in the Python Reference Manual and BNF grammar. Perthon is similar to Jython (, which reimplements Python on the JVM, except that Perthon works at the source code (not byte code) level. Perthon does the reverse of Bridgekeeper (, which attempts to solve the (much harder) problem of Perl-to-Python source code machine translation.

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Recent releases

  •  09 Dec 2003 16:35

    Release Notes: Pythonic lexing has been implemented. There is rudimentary support for arrays/slices, hash, floating point, string literals, long strings; the if, continue, break, for, while, print, and assert statements; function definitions and calls; classes, __init__ methods, class attributes, and construct calls; Perl's use of "&" and "$" for identifiers; indexed targets, expression_stmts, simple assignments, target_list assignments, augmented assign statements, and simple expressions.


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