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Perl Composer

PerlComposer (formerly known as VisualPerl) is a GUI builder which can be used to write GTK/GNOME programs in Perl with a WYSIWYG interface builder. Currently, it only contains an interface builder, text editor, and project manager. In the future, it will include a debugger, profiler, and version control system as well. The goal is to produce a fully-functional rapid prototype design (RAD) tool for Perl/GTK.


Recent releases

  •  13 Mar 2001 08:57

    Release Notes: Support for more than ten widgets, a menu editor, removal of the dependencies of GtkExText, Parse::RecDescent, and Locale::gettext, a series of tutorials, and a lot of bugfixes.

    •  25 Sep 2000 04:21

      Release Notes: This release includes an improved built-in editor, more property editors, a few new widgets, and primitive support (no GUI) for menus and toolbars.

      •  03 Jul 2000 20:22

        Release Notes: This version features a new editor based on GtkExText, simple menubar support, and a new GUI interface.

        •  24 Oct 1999 23:03

          Release Notes: The name of the project has been changed, the entries of the signal selection combo box now sort the name of signals, 'use' for VPCOM widgets is now automatic, a context menu in File list view (second tab in the left window) has been added, some attributes have been added to the form object, and VP::Form is now Gnome compatible.


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