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15 Jul 2000 22:19 jmuhlich

I meant a freshmeat t-shirt... They were/are having some sort of contest. But perlbot t-shirts would be cool too. Anyone have a good idea for a logo? :)

14 Feb 2000 21:57 punck

T-shirts are available? :)

13 Jan 2000 01:28 jmuhlich

What, are you trying to win a t-shirt or something? :)

12 Dec 1999 16:55 chacal

an excellent irc bot
This bot takes the cake in terms of speed, ease of use, and extensibility. It's got a great set of plugins (although I would like to see that logsearch plugin, what a neat idea) and it doesn't seem like it's too difficult to add others.

Other things that would be nice:

greater channel protection. it'd be nice if the bot watched for mass deops, people riding netsplits to steal ops in a channel, things like that.

onjoin messages. It would be cool if the bot could record onjoin messages for each user, and echo them when the user joins the channel for the first time in a specified time period.

I have to say that the developers of this application did an excellent job, and are really responsive. I went to #perlbot on EFnet irc, and got immediate help with a configuration issue. This is an example of what makes the open source community so wonderful.


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