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Perl Application Server

Perl Application Server is an application server written entirely in Perl. It uses a simple and extensible object-oriented design.


Recent releases

  •  10 May 2001 20:19

    Release Notes: This version is another complete redesign. The approach for embedding Perl in HTML has changed, because previous methods were difficult to work with and debug. PSP takes an almost opposite approach, and it fits into the object model. The mod_perl request handler has been improved and rewritten. Included is an initial version of a database record object generator (which is used by the persistient session system). This version also has support for pre-runtime (via a build program) and dynamic (via the request handler) recompilation of PSP pages into page objects.

    •  31 May 2000 11:32

      Release Notes: The system can now be implemented using an Apache request handler, making it much faster and more like a real app server, no longer needing CGI's or CGI workalikes. Bugfix in the Postgres based sessions updating code. Outbound URI filtering implemented, so the system can support persistant sessions for browsers that don't support cookies.

      •  01 May 2000 05:21

        Release Notes: A rewrite from the ground up, with a revamped session management system and integration of template support into the response object (via HTML::Embperl), and quite a few functional examples that detail some ways of developing using the system.

        •  14 Jul 1999 01:27

          Release Notes: Initial developers release.


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