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The Perl-RPM package is an attempt at native bindings to the C-level API of the RPM Package Manager. It uses a combination of Perl and C code to provide access to the package database, package headers, and other RPM functionality from within Perl.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 May 2002 23:18

    Release Notes: Support for versions of RPM prior to 4.0.3 has been dropped. Perl 5.6.0 or newer is also required. Several potential segfaults were eliminated.

    •  15 May 2001 20:07

      Release Notes: Several more interpreter-level warnings were eliminated, two memory leaks were plugged, and some significant speed-ups were made in the database code and in the lookup of system constants.

      •  09 Mar 2001 00:34

        Release Notes: This release fixes some memory leakage and traps a bug that would occur with newer versions of RPM 4.0. Also, some conditions could cause Perl to try to auto-vivify the hash structures, which could trigger badly-formed calls into the RPM API. These were addressed.

        •  14 Nov 2000 23:09

          Release Notes: A lot of code clean-up has occurred as a result of some talk on the direction of Perl 5.7 internals. Most importantly, there is a fix for a bug in the RPM::Database class that caused it to hold on to a lock on the rpm database even after object destruction.

          •  13 Oct 2000 20:10

            Release Notes: A small fix in the RPM::Header code for those building this module with a thread-enabled Perl. The main improvement is that the generated Makefile can now create RPMs and SRPMs, which are now available for download from the project's homepage.


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