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Stunnix Perl-Obfus is a unique solution for protecting your valuable intellectual property from possible Perl source code piracy/studying/rework. It's an advanced and extremely reliable obfuscator for the Perl source code. It converts the Perl source files (.pl and .pm) into highly mangled and obfuscated forms, making them extremely difficult to study, analyse, reuse, or re-work for competitors or customers, while fully retaining functionality of the original source code. It's not a compiler to machine code, and the obfuscated form will still be the usual Perl source code, and so will work on all platforms the original source worked on.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Oct 2010 18:12

    Release Notes: Full support was added for Perl versions 5.10.1, 5.10.2, and 5.12.[0-2]. Small improvements and fixes have been introduced.

    •  13 Apr 2009 14:39

      Release Notes: This release adds support for Perl 5.8.8, 5.8.9 and 5.10.0. It has improved support for Perl formats. There are several improvements to Project Manager, including skins, Cygwin support, and better work on case-insensitive filesystems.

      •  27 Feb 2008 21:10

        Release Notes: The Project Manager GUI has been made more beautiful.

        •  13 Nov 2007 21:32

          Release Notes: The backtick operator is now handled correctly. The algorithm for generation of new symbol names has been improved: now they are more random. The Project Manager GUI has been greatly improved.

          •  04 Jul 2006 20:24

            Release Notes: Improved handling of scripts with multi-byte characters in them. Improved support for some Perl constructs. A lot of improvements in the GUI. The documentation was improved.

            Recent comments

            19 May 2003 01:54 gvy

            Re: How Lame Can You Get?

            > And there is a demand for Perl obfuscator - it's obvious.

            Hey pal, there's a demand for child porn. Go post a Other/Proprietary tarball here?

            This kind of thing really doesn't have it's moral place here.

            2 all: go to scoop and ask to remove it? (sorry stunnix)

            14 Apr 2003 07:31 pardus

            Re: Compleet bogus

            # Entry Word: bogus

            # Function: adjective

            # Synonyms COUNTERFEIT, brummagem, fake, false,

            # phony, pinchbeck, pseudo, sham, snide, spurious

            # Related Word forged; imitation

            # Contrasted Words bona fide, good

            # Antonyms authentic, genuine, real

            Like in "bogus security" or "bogus protection". Yes, it is
            harder to read obfuscated code, but as long as it's perl it's easily reversed to a readable form.

            Obfuscation as practiced within the perl community has nothing to do with protecting source code.

            01 Apr 2003 21:24 nicc777

            Re: How Lame Can You Get?
            Classic :)

            25 Mar 2003 01:16 eterps

            Re: How Lame Can You Get?
            % Also, there is a problem of guessing
            > that '$z5da4d3837d'
            > was '$files' before obfuscation, and not
            > '$slots' (or whatever).

            Okay, so you cannot know that '$z5da4d3837d' corresponds with '$files' after obfuscation. But the code is not really hard to read and understand when you use distinguishable dictionary words, there is already a Perl module for that:


            24 Mar 2003 20:48 nicc777

            You are missing the point ...
            Perl was never intended to be "un-readable". I can't think of a single line of Perl code I would ever want to "hide"/"obfuscate" from anybody.

            If you want to code closed source commercial apps - use C.

            Let's also consider some of the practical issues:

            * Debugging. If something goes wrong, I must _hope_ it's not the mangled code. There is no easy way to know for sure. Personally I would not trust this at all.

            * Version control. What meganism is there to tie the mangled code to an original source file? Also consider the line: "Unique! Means to make analysis of changes between different releases of the obfuscated product more difficult" ( source: ).

            * Easy to reverse. This has been commented on already. I have experimented a bit and it took about 30 minutes to solve the puzzle ( given your own example ). The only thing I haven't done was to give the function names a more interesting name, but then again - it's easy to add.

            * $879 !!! Are you serious? This is the best get-rich-quick-scheme I have ever seen. You can purchase commercial compilers for less then that.

            In a nutshell then - I think you people should grow up. I hope somebody that did indeed make the mistake of purchasing this junk take you to court - There must be some kind of law against this obvious attempt to make people belief stuff that just isn't true.

            To all prospective buyers out there - give this a miss.



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