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Perl Oak Component Tree

The Perl Oak Component Tree is a set of objects designed to provide the maximum reusability to software development. Oak can be used in any development platform, but just the Web platform is implemented. In Oak, you define an XML file to each page and you will implement just the events.


Recent releases

  •  09 Sep 2003 17:09

    Release Notes: There is a new component Oak::Web::Layout::Table, used to simplify the positioning of components into an Oak::Web::Page. Complete reorganization of packages: now it is possible to install just a part of Oak. Bugfixes in Oak::IO::Config and Oak::Filer::XML. This release is Debianized, and will probably be in the Debian distribution soon.

    •  13 Mar 2003 07:47

      Release Notes: This release features an Oak Authentication and Authorization Service (Oak/AAS), ActionLinkList and LabeledInput components, and Oak::SOAP::Connector and Oak::SOAP::Application modules. The constructor method of Oak::Component was rewritten, and all components must now be created by passing RESTORE or RESTORE_TOPLEVEL. DBIEntity now manages auto-increment fields and can have the working Oak::IO::DBI object set. A Oak::Controller::EntityHelper module was added to help controllers, and a problem with references in Oak::Filer::Component was fixed.

      •  07 Feb 2003 20:19

        Release Notes: Oak-Web is now included in Oak, so the package Oak-Web no longer exists. The DBIEntity abstract class has been created. Installation now works with Perl 5.8. The constructor no longer parse the XML twice.

        •  28 Jan 2003 19:31

          Release Notes: A new PageNavigator component was added. A bug in which Oak::Web::Session would send all the cookies every time (and worse, sending the same cookie more than once) was fixed. Properties with false values are accepted again. Oak::Web::Additional::DateTimeField now works properly. A border was added to img's valid HTML properties. A newline that occurs after input is now removed.

          •  25 Jan 2003 06:15

            Release Notes: This release features a DateTimeField component, and a TableList component. If a syntax error occurs, the same page is now automatically shown. mark_error is now used as a standard, there is a fix in the access to checkboxes, the SELECT component can be used as multivalue select, and the project now depends on Error version 0.15, as the previous version was causing a segmentation fault in Perl.


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