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Dancer is a Perl framework for building Web applications with minimal effort. It started as a port of Ruby's Sinatra project, but has grown on its own path. A Dancer app can run as a standalone Web server or from any Web server using PSGI. It lets the user write an application with very few lines of code. It's powerful and flexible enough to knock up a simple Web site or Web service very quickly, and can scale to much larger projects. Building a Web application with Dancer is as easy as loading the library and defining route handlers. Dancer provides an elegant syntax for defining route handlers, can render views with a variety of template engines, supports static file serving, session support, and many more features.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Feb 2010 10:22

    Release Notes: This release provides bugfixes and is compliant with the PSGI/Plack architecture. All of the documentation was rewritten and a cookbook was added. The ability to allow installation of a Dancer application under a virtual location was added.

    •  20 Nov 2009 11:22

      Release Notes: This is the first stable release of Dancer. This release provides new major features such as cookies and session support (YAML, Memcached). It also ships with a new tiny template engine in order not to require the Template module for very small Web apps. A Syslog logger engine is also provided in order to allow logging to syslog out of the box. The test suite has been heavily enhanced, and more than 80% of the source code is covered.

      •  24 Sep 2009 09:30

        Release Notes: This release provides a smart error handling system that catches errors and displays a page with information about the error: the exception message, the revelant source code region, the call stack, and a dump of all settings and environment variables. The error handler also behaves differently depending on the running environment, hiding or showing error details accordingly. The helper script that lets the user create a new application from scratch has also been updated to provide a better CSS layout for the default application.

        •  19 Sep 2009 15:32

          Release Notes: This release provides support for the PSGI/Plack module that lets you mount a Dancer app within an Apache/mod_perl configuration. This release also provides a helper script that can create a new application tree from scratch.

          •  04 Sep 2009 09:51

            Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that was blocking Dancer from being installed with a Perl interpreter lower than 5.10.0. New features are also provided in this release, like support for YAML configuration files and environments. The test suite counts 208 tests and covers 78.1% of the source code, bringing the global code quality to a good shape.

            Recent comments

            10 Sep 2009 16:16 sukria

            You can stay tuned with my twitter account if you're interested in Dancer's development : ;-)

            05 Sep 2009 14:39 exn

            it's exactly what I'm looking for !


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