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PerfMonger is an yet another performance monitoring tool. The monitoring targets of PerfMonger are similar to the ones of sysstat (CPU usages, IO usages, etc.), but PerfMonger can collect and report performance information very frequently (the reporting interval of sysstat is 1 second at minimum, but PerfMonger can use a much smaller interval such as 0.5 seconds or 0.01 seconds) and can display performance information in both human-readable and machine-readable formats.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Nov 2013 02:53

    Release Notes: This release focuses on improvement of usability. The newly added 'summary' subcommand is very useful for summarizing recorded perfmonger log files. It also has many other improvements and bugfixes, including support for Ruby 1.8.7 (only Ruby 1.9/2.0 were supported before). PerfMonger is available on yum repository as of this release.

    •  28 Jul 2013 22:36

      Release Notes: This release improves the visualization of performance information, including some new kinds of graphs and realtime monitoring of graphs via the Web UI. The "perfmonger server" subcommand is a self-contained Web server showing realtime CPU and I/O graphs with HTML5 Canvas. "perfmonger plot" can generate a CPU usage graph of all cores at a glance.


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