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Peps converts encapsulated PostScript into bitmaps. It can simply convert EPS files into bitmap files, or it can work as a Unix filter that converts EPS from stdin into a bitmap written to stdout. It can be used to create scripts that create bitmaps dynamically using CGI, and can even send out the necessary HTTP Content-Type header. It can determine whether the user's browser accepts gzip encoding, and if so, send out the additional Content-Encoding header and filter the bitmap through gzip. A companion utility called xpeps sends the resultant bitmap to the X display, allowing you to develop and debug your CGI scripts locally.

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Recent releases

  •  29 Jan 2005 07:28

    Release Notes: This release uses the respective Ghostscript devices directly and is no longer limited to PNM and PNG formats, working with any bitmap-producing Ghostscript device. It now accepts input from stdin and can work as a Unix filter. It can now also produce an HTTP Content-Type header automatically, read MIME types from a file, detect whether the user's browser supports gzip compression compress the output, and accept an input file whose name starts with a dash. The optional xpeps tool was included, which is useful for debugging CGI scripts.


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