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PHP Exif Library

The PHP Exif Library (PEL) provides an easy-to-use library written in pure PHP that makes it possible to read and write the Exif headers commenly found in JPEG and TIFF photos taken with digital cameras. It runs on any platform that supports PHP5.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Dec 2006 11:25

    Release Notes: setExif(), getExif(), and clearExif() methods were added as a convenient and recommended way of manipulating the Exif data in a PelJpeg object. PelEntryTime was improved to deal with timestamps in the full range from year 0 to year 9999. PelTag::getDescription() was removed because the descriptions were out of context. A new example demonstrates how to resize images while keeping the Exif data intact. A Japanese translation was added and the French and Danish translations were updated.

    •  08 Jan 2006 14:46

      Release Notes: Full support for GPS information was added, breaking API compatibility with the previous version, along with JPEG comments, the Gamma tag, and Windows XP-specific title, comment, author, keywords, and subject tags. A non-strict mode for broken images where most errors won't result in visible exceptions was implemented. A partial Polish translation was added. The API documentation was updated with details about the constraints on format and number of components for each tag.

      •  18 Feb 2005 04:43

        Release Notes: Erroneous IFD entries will now be skipped while loading instead of causing a total abort. The documentation was expanded with a short tutorial and a FAQ. New test images were added from Leica D-LUX, and Olympus C50Z and C765 cameras.

        •  10 Oct 2004 20:34

          Release Notes: Running under PHP version 5.0.2 would produce incorrect EXIF data. This release works correctly on all versions of PHP 5. It runs on installations without support for Gettext, but does so with English text only. A new example script was added, showing how one can mass-rename images based on their timestamps. The Danish translation was updated slightly. The collection of test images has been split out as a separate download.

          •  21 Jul 2004 21:54

            Release Notes: The interface for PelJpeg and PelTiff was changed so that one can now add new content from scratch to JPEG and TIFF images. Bugs in the loading of signed bytes and shorts were fixed, as well as a bug where timestamps were saved in UTC time but loaded in local time. The code that turned PelJpeg objects into bytes was fixed, and new test cases were written to test the writing and reading of PelJpeg objects to and from files. New images from Nikon models E950, E5000, and Coolscan IV have been added to the test suite, bringing the total number of tests up to more than 1000.


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