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Zip extension for PHP

The Zip extension for PHP aims to provide a convenient and powerful set of functionality to work with zip archives. It can read, write, and create zip archives. It also supports stream access to any archive entry. It is 100% compatible with the old versions of the extension (which were read-only).


Recent releases

  •  22 May 2007 11:36

    Release Notes: A build error has been fixed.

    •  20 May 2007 11:33

      Release Notes: A possible crash which could occur if a directory cannot be created has been fixed.

      •  20 Mar 2007 13:21

        Release Notes: The build has been fixed by using the correct macro's name in the stream source. A possible leak has been fixed in the extractTo method (when the openbasedir checks fails).

        •  14 Mar 2007 15:03

          Release Notes: The missing openbasedir or safemode (PHP 5.x and 4.x) checks in zip:// stream or ZipArchive::open have been added. A possible relative path problem in zip_open and TS mode (old API) has been fixed.

          •  25 Feb 2007 08:07

            Release Notes: Possible leaks have been removed in zip_read() and zip_entry_read (the old API). ZipArchive::getFrom*() methods were leaking when used with an entry of 0 bytes length.


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