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22 Jan 2010 00:16 jlapp

I've been using pdnsd on my ubuntu system for about six months. It has definitely improved the time needed to resolve web addresses. I am having a unique problem though. For some reason, when pdnsd is running I cannot resolve the address for I get "server can't find NXDOMAIN". When I stop pdnsd, the address resolves. I assume that I have a configuration problem. Can anyone suggest what I need to change? So far this is the only address that I've had a problem with.

17 Apr 2009 13:09 schmitzr


how can i connect pdnsd with a dhcp server to get dynamic DNS-Records made out of the dhcp-Leases?



15 Dec 2007 15:01 the_zipman

Feature Request.
Hi. I use pdnsd since 2003 and I'm really satisfied with it. Unfortunately it lacks one feature I really miss. I'd like to be able to serve TXT records. I think it's not too difficult to add this feature, but I'm not a c developer so I'm not able to write the feature by myself.

Actually TXT Records are widely used, and having pdnsd able to serve them can save me from install bind in a lot of lan

28 Jan 2002 00:26 samboy

Re: Debian bugs fixed ?
Does this version fix them ? I'd like to give it a try.

The issues in question are unreproducable; in addition, I have run pdnsd through a stress test which it passed with flying colors.

Most likely, the person who filed the bug reports had a setup which was broken in some way.

- Sam

19 Jan 2002 10:36 whoo

Re: Debian bugs fixed ?
I cannot reproduce #102460, #101159 and #96386.
#93296 should be solved, since the user can
specify a range of ports now.
#108865 and #112203 (which are more of whish
list items) are outstanding, sorry.

19 Jan 2002 08:25 fredlwm

Re: Debian bugs fixed ?
Sorry, here (

19 Jan 2002 08:24 fredlwm

Debian bugs fixed ?
I'm not a Debian user, bot noticed some bug reports here ( Does this version fix them ? I'd like to give it a try.

19 Jan 2002 03:04 senelson

Very nice...
pdnsd is just what I'd been looking for for a while. I have a dialup box that serves as a router and DNS server to a mixed bag of Windows and Linux boxes. I'd previously been pulling my hair out trying to get internal hosts served up without querying external DNS. pdnsd solved the problem nicely, and was very easy to install.


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