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pdnsd is a Proxy DNS server for Linux and FreeBSD that is designed to cope with unreacheable nameservers (e.g. because the dial-in link is not up) in a graceful manner to prevent DNS-dependent applications like Netscape from hanging. It has a permanent disk cache (i.e. the cache contents are saved in a file on exit) and supports parallel query and a wide variety of link uptests. It also has the ability to serve some types of locally defined records.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Mar 2012 11:19

    Release Notes: This release has support for many additional RR types, including those needed for DNSSEC (though the resolver in pdnsd itself is not yet security aware). Caching data structures are more efficient when storing only the most commonly used RR types. Pdnsd now has support for EDNS (Extension mechanisms for DNS), enabling UDP messages larger than 512 bytes. New configuration options allow local TXT records to be defined and provide a fix for certain types of query uptest failures. Bugs fixed include a UDP socket descriptor leak that affected FreeBSD users and an IPv6 port binding bug.

    •  08 Mar 2010 10:40

      Release Notes: The main new feature of this version is automatic discovery of root servers. There are also some improvements in the resolver and a new default setting for the neg_rrs_pol configuration option.

      •  15 Sep 2008 11:44

        Release Notes: This version fixes some security problems. It contains a fix for a "dangling pointer" bug that could cause pdnsd to crash when it received a long reply. It also addresses some of the issues raised in the CERT vulnerability note VU#800113 by making source port randomization the default. This release also fixes problems with compiling pdnsd for the ARM architecture and for the Darwin platform (Max OS X). There are a number of (minor) new features, such as support for "include" files.

        •  10 Sep 2007 17:48

          Release Notes: A bug has been fixed that caused pdnsd to handle NXDOMAIN replies inefficiently. The code that implements the ping test has been fixed for 64-bit systems. A new option can be used to give each server in a section of the configuration file an equal chance of being queried. New options make it possible to check whether the replies of name servers contain certain IP addresses and if so reject these replies. The pdnsd-ctl 'add' commands now allow multiple IP addresses to be specified for the same name. pdnsd's ability to resolve from root servers has been improved.

          •  05 Sep 2006 21:09

            Release Notes: This release introduces a new query method: "udp_tcp". With this method, a UDP query is tried first and, if the UDP answer is truncated, the query is repeated using TCP. There is a new configuration option "use_nss", which can be turned off to prevent lengthy timeouts and stalls in certain situations. A bug has been fixed that previously could cause pdnsd to crash when started in debug mode.

            Recent comments

            22 Jan 2010 00:16 jlapp

            I've been using pdnsd on my ubuntu system for about six months. It has definitely improved the time needed to resolve web addresses. I am having a unique problem though. For some reason, when pdnsd is running I cannot resolve the address for I get "server can't find NXDOMAIN". When I stop pdnsd, the address resolves. I assume that I have a configuration problem. Can anyone suggest what I need to change? So far this is the only address that I've had a problem with.

            17 Apr 2009 13:09 schmitzr


            how can i connect pdnsd with a dhcp server to get dynamic DNS-Records made out of the dhcp-Leases?



            15 Dec 2007 15:01 the_zipman

            Feature Request.
            Hi. I use pdnsd since 2003 and I'm really satisfied with it. Unfortunately it lacks one feature I really miss. I'd like to be able to serve TXT records. I think it's not too difficult to add this feature, but I'm not a c developer so I'm not able to write the feature by myself.

            Actually TXT Records are widely used, and having pdnsd able to serve them can save me from install bind in a lot of lan

            28 Jan 2002 00:26 samboy

            Re: Debian bugs fixed ?
            Does this version fix them ? I'd like to give it a try.

            The issues in question are unreproducable; in addition, I have run pdnsd through a stress test which it passed with flying colors.

            Most likely, the person who filed the bug reports had a setup which was broken in some way.

            - Sam

            19 Jan 2002 10:36 whoo

            Re: Debian bugs fixed ?
            I cannot reproduce #102460, #101159 and #96386.
            #93296 should be solved, since the user can
            specify a range of ports now.
            #108865 and #112203 (which are more of whish
            list items) are outstanding, sorry.


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