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PHP Backup Maker (PDM) is a smart PHP backup solution. The script reads a given source directory (with its subdirectories) and then creates a set of directories filled with the content of the source directory, arranged in groups to fit a given capacity. It can be used to create CD sets for backups. It also supports ISO image creation, direct CD and DVD burning via cdrecord/growisofs, backup of files bigger than media capacity (splitting), automatic file index creation, and more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Nov 2013 18:52

    Release Notes: This release has been updated to work correctly with PHP 5 and adds a workaround for a PHP issue with files bigger than 2GB.

    •  02 Aug 2004 06:29

      Release Notes: This release added preliminary (and experimental) DVD support and support for symbolic links. The mkisofs volset-size and volset-seqno options are now used to mark each disc in a set. The broken -u (-update) feature was fixed and improved. A small progress bar is now displayed while preparing files.

      •  24 May 2003 19:03

        Release Notes: Multi-source support was added. The creation of ISO images over NFS was improved. An on-line feature for checking for new versions was added. Absolute path handling was fixed.

        •  15 May 2003 10:42

          Release Notes: This release fixes a file tosser bug, causing whole backups to be less compact. pdm.ini is no longer required for any operation. Users can now burn and create ISOs without needing to set up php.ini.

          •  14 Apr 2003 15:22

            Release Notes: A file splitting feature was added. The file tosser was rewritten to be much faster. Memory usage was reduced. Index file creation was fixed. Some minor issues in an environment with register_globals disabled were fixed. Reporting of a file exceeding the allowed media capacity was fixed.

            Recent comments

            04 Aug 2004 05:58 wfmh

            Re: Support for withdrawn options?
            Fixed in CVS anyway ;)

            02 Aug 2004 01:37 wfmh

            Re: Support for withdrawn options?
            Why didn't you just fill a bug report on that issue on project's bugtracker?

            02 Aug 2004 01:31 schily

            Support for withdrawn options?
            It is bad to see that the project added "support"

            for mkisofs options that did never work correctly

            and have been documented completely wrong by

            the original author Eric Youngdale?

            -volset-size has been limited to be no more

            than 1 in order to make mkisofs ISO-9660

            compliant on July 17th. This is 17 days ago....

            A problem like this could have been avoided by

            checking recent cdrtools announcements.


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