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06 Nov 2002 09:30 thompsot

Does it run?
I've tried making the program on Debian 2.2, Debian 3.0, RH 6.2, and RH 8.0, (all with prerequisites installed... gs, zlib, libpng), but the make process always just errors out with "Error 1" on pbm2png...

Anyone else out there having difficulty, or am I the Lone Moron?

20 Mar 2001 12:55 ed_avis

Re: pdf2html
You could roll your own PDF-to-PNG converter using
pdf2ps, ps2pnm, pnmscale, and pnmtopng in a big
pipeline. To get reasonably small images you
might want a ppmquant in there too - I find that
eight shades of grey gives the best balance
between small images and high quality.

17 Nov 2000 20:02 icebalm

Freshmeat is an index
Freshmeat is an application index, not an application rater. Do you know how much time it would take to go around rating applications? Not to mention the fact that projects CAN and DO get better and therefore not listing "horrible" projects can have some very negative effects. Not only that, who defines "horrible"? Do you? Do I? One mans junk is another mans treasure.

-- iCEBaLM

27 Jun 2000 17:21 davidbacon

The program "pbm2png" included in this package is truly horrible.
Its few comments are misleading, and it is riddled with magic constants throughout the code.
It manages to function on Intel/Linux, but is completely broken on a Sun, and it is a pretty safe bet that it will not work on any big-endian machine.
Sorry to be so negative, but Freshmeat is getting big and should perhaps try to be a little more selective.


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